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CMU in Sports: Greg Peim's Journey from Dark Matter to the NBA

By: Aashai Avadhani Physics, the study of matter, motion and the behavior of the world around us, is the most sophisticated level of science humans have

CMU in Sports: Max Horowitz’s Sports Analytics Journey

By: Reid Yesson Max Horowitz’s job could be considered one of the most exciting in the NBA. The NBA is becoming constantly more data-driven, with more 3-point

2019 March Madness Predictions: My Results

This is a sequel to my “Similar Games” article last year. Welcome to the 2019 update. ADDITIONS Readers of my first article on my March Madness Comparables Model

CMU in Sports: Ashley Brio Knows How to Make it to the NBA Without Being 6’7”

Written by: Daniel Liang The CMU in Sports Series details the impacts of past and present CMU students, faculty, post-docs, and staff who have made an impact in


A Revisit: Are Matt Murray and Casey DeSmith at the Starting Goaltender Caliber?

Has Matt Murray Been Performing at Starting Goaltender Caliber?

Rasmus Dahlin's Statistical Outlook

Looking Back At Neutral Turnovers in the NHL