A New Bell in Town

By: Brendon Gu Despite Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell signing with the New York Jets in March 2019, there’s a new Bell in town: the Pittsburgh Pirates’ first baseman Josh Bell. NOTE: All statistics in this article are as of June 14th. Understanding the Metrics In this article, to quantify certain aspects of offensive performance,

Forming a Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

By: Toby Junker As summer begins to get underway, fantasy football fans start their annual migration towards mock draft websites. Mandatory workouts kick off the start of #hypeszn as daily performers in OTA’s begin to create buzz around their names. Though many developments will occur between now and fantasy football draft

2019 March Madness Predictions: My Results

This is a sequel to my “Similar Games” article last year. Welcome to the 2019 update. ADDITIONS Readers of my first article on my March Madness Comparables Model should know the methodology in predicting all 67 games of the March Madness tournament. If not, please visit bit.ly/Comparables2018 for an introduction to my work. In its

CMSAC Goes to SSAC19: A Recap

Written by: Carlo Duffy, Shravan Ramamurthy The 2019 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference was an action-packed two-days’ worth of panels, talks and networking.  We won’t bother documenting our entire days, but here are some highlights from the sessions that most stood out to us.  Shravan will highlight Day 1; Carlo will

CMU in Sports: Ashley Brio Knows How to Make it to the NBA Without Being 6’7”

Written by: Daniel Liang The CMU in Sports Series details the impacts of past and present CMU students, faculty, post-docs, and staff who have made an impact in the world of sports analytics.  The second profile in this series features an interview with Ashley Brio, a former CMU graduate student in Decision Science.              Millions of