2019 March Madness Predictions: My Results

This is a sequel to my “Similar Games” article last year. Welcome to the 2019 update. ADDITIONS Readers of my first article on my March Madness Comparables Model should know the methodology in predicting all 67 games of the March Madness tournament. If not, please visit bit.ly/Comparables2018 for an introduction to my work. In its

CMSAC Goes to SSAC19: A Recap

Written by: Carlo Duffy, Shravan Ramamurthy The 2019 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference was an action-packed two-days’ worth of panels, talks and networking.  We won’t bother documenting our entire days, but here are some highlights from the sessions that most stood out to us.  Shravan will highlight Day 1; Carlo will

NBA Visualizer Analysis Simulation

Written By: Aashai Avadhani Missed the big basketball game last night? Or have you ever thought about if NBA teams use the court efficiently enough? These are the questions I aimed to answer from my NBA Visualizer Analysis Simulation. For the final term project for my introductory computer science course “Fundamentals

2018 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Recap

Written By: Scott Steinberg, Nathan Jen, & Ansh Hirani There are many reasons why the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference generates so much hype each year. Houston Rockets general manager and basketball analytics leader Daryl Morey is one of the co-founders of the conference. Shane Battier and Brian Burke, among others,

Wins & Point Differential in the NFL

Written by: Eric Zhou In Correspondence to Sam Ventura’s class: 36-144 (Winning with Statistics in Sports) Football is a relatively new sport when it comes to sports analytics - especially compared to another major American pastime: baseball. Football by nature is more difficult to analyze in-depth because of its ever-changing landscape on

Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Recap

Written by: Steven Silverman (@silver_stats) The 11th annual Sloan Sports Analytics Conference took place in Boston from March 3-4, featuring as usual a wide variety of panelists, research papers, competitions, and conversations. Below is a brief recap highlighting some of the best moments of the weekend. Hackathon: On Thursday, March 2nd, the