Clayton Kershaw’s Pitch Sequencing is Hard to Beat

Written By: John McCool (@Desertrose28) Entering the 2017 baseball season, Dodgers’ left-handed pitcher Clayton Kershaw is at his most dominant form. With a back injury that shortened his 2016 season, Kershaw posted a 1.80 FIP and 10.39 K/9 over 149 innings. In a game full of elite pitchers from Max Scherzer

Pitch Framing on the West Coast

The Hidden Value of Buster Posey and Yasmani Grandal Written By: John McCool (@Desertrose28) Pitch framing is the art of using slight body movement and positioning to create the illusion of a strike. A good pitch framer turns borderline balls into strikes and keeps pitches received in the strike zone as

Long Home Runs from Unusual Suspects

By: John McCool (@desertrose28) Long Home Runs From Unusual Suspects On a hot mid-July afternoon, Starling Marte launched a 430-foot long home run against reliever Oliver Perez into the left field bleachers giving his team a 2-1 lead in the top of the eighteenth inning against the Nationals. Of his nine home

A New Method for Clustering Pitchers

Note: This was piece was written as part of a hackathon sponsored by TruMedia   By Steven Silverman (@Silver_Stats) Introduction TruMedia’s detailed pitch-by-pitch data allow for extraordinarily deep analysis. Having access to velocity, spin, and movement for every pitch, plus the identifying information about the involved parties and the outcome of the pitch

Toronto Blue Jays ALCS Outlook

By John McCool On Wednesday evening, the Toronto Blue Jays advanced to the American League Championship Series for the first time since 1993. After falling behind two games to the Texas Rangers, the Blue Jays rallied to win three straight in dramatic fashion. The final game at the Rogers Center was

Abandon Ship... in May?

By Ron Yurko (@flyingSerb21) It’s easy to forget how long the baseball season really is.  In 2014 it seemed the Oakland Athletics were destined for glory, with blockbuster trades for aces like Samardzija and Lester it was clear the A’s were going for a deep run in the playoffs.  Except the

What can we expect from Kang Jung-ho?

By Byung Joon Yoon What can we expect from Kang Jung-ho, the newest recruit of the Pittsburgh Pirates hailing from Korea? The Pirates spent 16 million dollars on posting for Kang over a guaranteed 4-year contract. Then the question becomes, can Kang live up to the expectation of the team and

Josh Harrison: Fooled By Randomness?

By Ron Yurko If you predicted Justin Morneau to win the 2014 NL Batting Title over the Pittsburgh Pirates super-utility man Josh Harrison by four points, then you’re either a genius or probably crazy.  No one predicted Harrison to have a breakout year in 2014, but rather he was expected to