The Tale of Two, Two-sport Athletes

By Maksim Horowitz Two-sport athletes are exceedingly rare in professional sports. In today’s world of specialization, it is plausible to think we may never see one again. That is why we can look back and appreciate the entertainers who were there for us to watch year round. In this article, I compare

Perfect Game Percentage

By: Steven Silverman After having the good fortune to attend Josh Beckett’s no-hitter against the Phillies on May 25, 2014, I started doing some reading about no-hitters out of curiosity. Eventually, I came across this article by Bill James on the likelihood of pitchers throwing a no-hitter. The natural extension was

Mike Trout: Half-Billion Dollar Man?

By: Steven Silverman No player in recent history has lived up to such high expectations at the start of his career as Mike Trout. Yasiel Puig made a grand entrance, certainly, but he came from relative obscurity. Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper each had their share of troubles in recent years—injury

Pitching By The Numbers: Projecting Masahiro Tanaka Critique By: Matthew Greenberg A recent article by Michael Salfino of Yahoo! Sports attempts to project how Masahiro Tanaka’s first season in the major leagues will go.  To do so, Salfino draws on history, assessing how past Japanese pitchers coming over to the United States have done in their first season in