Sentiment Analysis Throughout the NBA Playoffs

Written by:  Isabella Sio In Correspondence to Sam Ventura’s class: 36-144 (Winning with Statistics in Sports) Home court advantage has a surprising amount of weight in sports matches.  The reception of a crowd can help encourage a team to strive forward to win, bog them down with insults, or helping the team

How Much Does Rest Affect Team Performance in the NBA?

Written by:  Justin Lee In Correspondence to Sam Ventura’s class: 36-144 (Winning with Statistics in Sports) Despite the grueling 82 game schedule of a NBA team, with its long road trips and back-to-back games, the amount of rest a player gets and how that affects their team’s performance is often overlooked. Players

2017 NBA Draft Forecast

Written by: John McCool (Desertrose28) Quick Takeaways Melo Trimble and Dennis Smith Jr. are the highest rated draft prospects, based on the model. The number of steals and free throw attempts per game in college are predictive of future NBA success. The model tends to value guards and small forwards over

The Rise of the Stretch Center

Written by: John McCool (@desertrose28) The NBA game is undergoing a major overhaul on the offensive side of the ball. Many teams are shooting more threes and generating more shots around rim while playing at a faster pace. In an effort to improve their offensive versatility, centers are also shooting more

Predicting the NBA Draft

Written by: John McCool (@Desertrose28) This year’s draft features an exciting crop of prospects including Markelle Fultz, Josh Jackson, and Malik Monk. Despite the deep draft class, teams picking in the lottery are still at the mercy of player flops and the injury bug that derails the careers of many promising

The Lakers Play Young

Written By: John McCool (@Desertrose28) Last Thursday’s Suns -Lakers matchup gave fans a glimpse of some of the most exciting young NBA players. In a fast-paced, offensive-oriented game, the Lakers improved to 20-45 by outlasting the Suns 122-110.[1] With players like Brandon Ingram, D’Angelo Russell, and Julius Randle (Lakers) alongside Devin Booker

Projecting NBA Draft Picks

Written By: John McCool (@Desertrose28) Before analytics and advanced scouting, NBA teams tended to rely on sloppy intuition in the draft. Teams drafted players based on metrics such as college points per game, overall “look”, and shooting skills at a scouting session. At best, these factors offer a partial snapshot of

Clustering NBA Teams by Shot Selection

Written by John McCool (@Desertrose28) Shot selection, which includes any field goal attempt from a layup to a three pointer, is a vital component to the game of basketball. NBA teams that consistently take open or high percentage shots around the basket will likely have an advantage over their competition. Teams should also

Colangelo is King: An NBA GM Draft Analysis

  By: Tyler Wellener On April 6, 2016 Sam Hinkie stepped down from his position as General Manager for the Philadelphia 76ers, provoking a variety of emotions among fans the following summer.  Hinkie had taken the 76ers on a three-year journey dubbed “The Process” - losing season after season (after season) to