CMSAC Week 13 Football Report

Written By: Toby Junker and Kamari Purcell Top Ten Power Rankings   1: Philadelphia Eagles (10-1)     Last week: W vs. Chicago Bears This Week: @ Seattle Seahawks There’s an old football adage about how there are no easy wins in the NFL.  However, if this week wasn’t easy for the Philadelphia Eagles, then I don’t know

How Talented is the Talented Mr. Roto?

Analyzing the accuracy of Matthew Berry’s weekly fantasy football “Love/Hate” list for the 2016/2017 NFL season Written By: Aedan Marty (@FirstAedKit) Overview During the 2015/2016 NFL season, an estimated 74.7 million Americans spent $4.6 billion playing fantasy football [1], with both of those figures expected to grow in the coming years as fantasy sports

In Defense of Mike Tomlin

Written by Adam Tucker (@adamtb182) Main Takeaways Expected point gain of going for it on fourth down gives key insights as to why Mike Tomlin chose not to kick a field goal at the end of the half of yesterday’s game. Under the lens of expected point gain, are NFL coaches really acting

Passing Patterns in Seattle

By: John McCool Despite consecutive Super Bowl appearances, and 3 straight double-digit win seasons, there was concern that the Seahawks wouldn’t even make the 2015 playoffs. By mid-November, Seattle stood at a pedestrian 4-5 after losing to the Arizona Cardinals. Local sports radio hosts and ESPN pundits labeled their receiving core