Rasmus Dahlin's Statistical Outlook

Written by: Sasank Vishnubhatla With the NHL season right around the corner, young rookies are looking to crack a roster spot on the major club level. Be it through hard work or through established skill, recent draft picks are working to get playing time in the NHL, rather than work in

Are NHL Teams Getting Lucky on Rushes?

Written by: Jason Baik Introduction (From https://theprovince.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/the-provies-horvat-powers-up-trade-talk-reaction-stecher-rises-playoffs-baby-and-showing-you-the-way-to-san-jose) This game was played on January 25th, 2017 between the Vancouver Canucks and the Colorado Avalance at Pepsi Center. In this 2-on-1 rush, Loui Eriksson, #21, carries the puck up the ice. Nikita Tryamkin, #88, outskates Mikko Rantanen, #96, to get to the net and create an

Looking Back At Neutral Turnovers in the NHL

By: John McCool At the moment, NHL teams are using more analytics for everything - from player evaluation to game analysis. One interesting research area is how neutral zone turnovers influence scoring chances. Challenges in this study arise from separating neutral zone takeaways from other noise such as player skill, goaltending,